Outfits of Love

Outfits of Love

With Valentine’s Day less than a week away, the freezing Poughkeepsie makes it hard to feel the warm, fuzzy love; though, this does provide a perfect excuse for a cuddle session! Trust me, ladies and gents of Vassar College—campus is still full of affection. Pretty soon, the signature Valentine’s Day pinks and reds will open our snow-blinded eyes, causing us to succumb to this sweet holiday. Whether single, taken, or just hanging with everyone, Valentine’s Day offers the perfect excuse to gussy up a bit.

For those preparing for a date with their college sweethearts, a romantic look will simply awe your valentine.

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TayTay knows her romance well and employs hues of nude, light pink, and cream for a soft, intimate aura.

A night out with the girls, full of laughter and fun, serves as an excellent way to spend Valentine’s Day. For this carefree outing, a casual outfit is appropriate.

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Try incorporating one bold color piece into your outfit to stand out from the crowd; red is particularly striking.

For those exuding confidence and looking to pick up a hot date, a flirty look is a requirement.

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Ladies of Vassar, with outfit suggestions like these in mind, prepare yourselves for all the gentlemen guaranteed to approach you next week. While I wish you many positive romantic encounters this Valentine’s Day, I’ve provided you with a list of “anti-pick-up lines” to deter the less desirable guys that just can’t take the hint. Use these biting remarks sparingly, though—they’re for emergency cases only.


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