Creepy Crawly Vassar

Creepy Crawly Vassar

I have been anxiously waiting to write this blog post for a long time now, which is ironic coming from the girl who gets scared when someone sneezes unexpectedly. Nonetheless, I love Halloween, especially preparing and showing off my costume (I don’t so much love that the holiday gives people the excuse to scare me nonstop, though). I spent all of October Break searching for the perfect costume, and I must say that the experience has been an interesting one. Hopefully my thought process will aid you in choosing the right costume for you.

First, I thought that I might want to show off my creativity and make my own costume. Some easy DIY ideas include:

  1. Minnie and Mickey Mouse. Grab a friend and create this ensemble. For Minnie, find a cute red polka dotted dress with yellow shoes. Alternatively, you can tape dots cut out of white construction paper to a red dress. For Mickey, grab a black T-shirt with red pants/shorts and match it with some black shoes. The ears are easy: grab that construction paper again and cut out more circles, but in black this time. Tape the circles to a headband and voila!

  1. Any Britney Spears outfit. Enough said.


  1. Miley Cyrus. As I read more and more news articles, I realize that apparently, Miley Cyrus’ outfit at the VMAs is widely wanted for Halloween. All I can say is prepare yourself for a very cold night.

My creativity failed me, however, so I opted to buy a premade costume at Ricky’s Costume Superstore. I didn’t really have a costume in mind when entering the store, trusting that something would catch my attention. My choices, though, were limited due to the skimpiness of most of the women’s costumes—apparently it’s not Halloween unless your butt is showing. I finally discovered an appropriate costume and was ready to try it on but when I found out that store policy prohibits customers from trying on costumes before purchase. The sizing guess that followed was wrong, and I ended up with a costume that was too big for me.

I next turned to online shopping. This offers many options, but also presents an even greater difficulty in determining size. I decided to make another sizing guess, this time successfully: the outfit that I bought came a couple of days ago and it fit perfectly. I can’t reveal my costume just yet, though, since suspense is key to getting adequately pumped up for Halloween.

In conclusion, when choosing a Halloween costume, try DIY first; it could be a lot of fun! If that doesn’t work out, be aware of sizes and length, both in store and online. Good luck in your own costuming adventures!

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