The Naked Truth or the Naked Future?

The Naked Truth or the Naked Future?

I always wonder where fashion will take us in the upcoming years. This thought scares me more than it excites me. The fashion route that we seem to be taking is wearing less and less clothing. Truly ponder this theory for a moment: What has been in fashion lately? Chiffon everything (shirts, skirts, underwear–all of it is chiffon), bandeaus, bra-lets, etc. These articles of clothing expose a lot. Trust me, I’m guilty of wearing some of these items, but if you really think about it, where is this trend taking us? What’s next?

I’m genuinely scared that we are heading in the Nicki Minaj direction and will soon wear only nipple pasties as our everyday upper-half attire. I’m all for wearing whatever you feel comfortable in, but our current fashion trajectory suggests a proliferation of clothing-inspired awkward, horrifying, and permanently scarring moments in front of teachers, bosses, or grandparents. Props to you if you wear this type of clothing at parties, but can you blame me if I am hesitant toward wearing it in daily outfits?

You are probably thinking that I am overreacting right now, but let’s accompany the Ghost of Fashion’s Past and see what people thought when the black chiffon top debuted. I’m pretty sure that many people thought it was horrifying to wear a see-through top that showed every detail of a bra underneath.

Another example: the underwear shorts. Shorts seem to be so high lately that there isn’t even a point in wearing them anymore. Let’s Cyrus it up and just walk around in our underwear. Boom! One more example, most of the celebrities have been performing in their undies. I think they took the usual advice to picture the audience in their underwear wrong, and instead dressed in their underwear in order to relieve the audience of pressure.

I should say somewhere in this article that I am in no way looking down on people that choose to dress in scanty clothing, and in no way saying that every girl dresses like this. I am just trying to prove my point. We are heading towards the trend of the birthday suits.

In contrast, it seems like men are wearing more and more clothing these days. They seem to be backtracking to the 1920s, sporting vests, suits, and ties. At least their current style of dress is appropriate for the cold weather.

I hope my predictions are wrong. They probably are, but you never know the direction that fashion will take. Maybe we will be yelling at our kids for wearing too much clothing (fingers crossed it goes this way instead).

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