Gilmore Girls is returning!

Gilmore Girls is returning!

In case you haven’t heard, Gilmore Girls is coming back.


When I first heard the news last week, to say that I was overjoyed was an understatement. Word on the street is that Netflix has a deal with Warner Brothers for a limited series revival of the show, which ran for seven seasons from 2000 to 2007, and that all of the major characters are expected back. It seems to be that the way it will work is that there will be a time jump, where the show meets up with the activities of Rory, Lorelai, & Co. in the present day across four 90-minute episodes.


Now, hardcore Gilmore Girls fans that saw the show when it first came out, please don’t hurt me, but I only just watched it for the first time after it was put on Netflix a few years ago. I’m sorry, okay? In 2000 my six-year-old self had no idea what excellence awaited me on channels other than PBS Kids. But my current self knows very well. It took me a long time to get through the whole thing, but over the summer I finally finished the last season. Due to contract disputes, the show’s creators and head writers Daniel Palladino and Amy Sherman-Palladino left in the final season, and my friends that had already seen it warned me that the seventh season had suffered for it, and I should be prepared for disappointment. I don’t think I was disappointed as much as I was confused. CAUTION: SPOILERS AHEAD.

  • Who had the idea to destroy Lane’s dream of being a rock n’ roll drummer? Why impregnate her after having (terrible) sex once and then leave her at home with the babies while her first-real-boyfriend-turned husband goes on the tour of a lifetime? Like, I’m all for that stay at home mom life when it’s what you’re choosing, but not when it’s thrust upon you. Not a fan.
  • How Rory and Logan ended. WHY would Logan propose to her the way that he did? Doesn’t he know that you should never propose to someone in front of all of your mutual friends and family? I just… can’t even begin to understand that logic. Also Rory just didn’t care after they broke up… really? I mean, I may stir up some controversy here, but I actually liked Logan. Yeah, he was a huge jerk and made more than a few mistakes, but he really loved Rory, okay? UGH. I totally understand why everyone wants Rory to end up with Jess, though. My rating of Rory’s boyfriends goes as follows: Logan, Jess, a bag of trash, Dean.
  • The whole Luke and April ordeal. It just kept dragging on. And on. And on. And then Christopher and Lorelai’s random marriage in Paris, only to break up immediately after. Like, really? STOP THIS MADNESS AND BRING BACK LORELAI AND LUKE.
  • I love Paris (the character, not the French city) so one of my FAVORITE parts of the final season was her getting all of her acceptance letters to medical school and law school, and Doyle promising to follow her wherever she went. I 100% cried hysterically during that episode.

I have no idea what this revival will bring. It might be amazing, or it might be absolutely terrible. But I think my friend’s prediction for the upcoming season is most definitely my favorite: Rory is working on Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Luke and Lorelai have four caffeinated children. Hep Alien is world famous with Kirk as their tour nanny. Dean is in Hell.

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