A Traveler’s Guide to the Galaxy

A Traveler’s Guide to the Galaxy

Life on the Outer Rim got you down? Sick of moisture farming and blue milk? Drop those power converters and listen up! We’re Lucas-Williams Inc., the galaxy’s leader in interstellar retreat planning, and we’re here to help you get far, far away for a long time. Here’s a list of our top five destinations for the traveler looking to trade two suns for one killer vacation.

1) Hoth

Tired of sand? Try the snow! Located in the secluded Anoat sector, the frigid planet of Hoth boasts some of the best ice-boarding conditions in the galaxy. Year-round snow makes for year-round fun. Impress your friends and shred the slopes of the Clabburn Range—Hoth’s most prominent feature—, or scale Shyloah’s Crest for a view like you wouldn’t believe. Be sure to make it back before sundown, though: with temperatures known to plummet to -60°C at night, you’d better not forget to pack a winter coat! Looking for fun the whole family can enjoy? Visit the expansive tauntaun petting zoo and make a furry friend. Or, for you thrill-seekers out there, make the short journey over to Wampa Mountain for a rare, up-close look at the gargantuan wampas in their natural habitat—wouldn’t want to miss out on that!

2) Coruscant

Credits burning a hole in your tunic? Maybe the urban scene is more your speed. Zip on over to the Corusca Sector, to the galactic capital of Coruscant. A booming cultural hub, Coruscant boasts towering skyscrapers as far as the eye can see. Hungry for a bite of something new? Forget the posh penthouse bistros and overpriced eateries; swing by Dex’s Diner, instead, and try home cooking done right. Located in the heart of CoCo Town, Coruscant’s bustling industrial district, Dex serves up favorites like the tasty Shawda club sandwich and the rich Sic-Six layer cake. Looking to embrace one of the city’s tourism hot spots? Take an air taxi to Monument Plaza, and see the planet’s only uncovered mountaintop. While you’re there, stop into one of the plentiful shops and restaurants that line all four sides of the plaza. If historical significance is more your forte, why not visit the enigmatic Jedi Temple, home of the wise and powerful Jedi Order? The Force sure is strong with that place!

3) Spira

Nothing beats kicking back on a sun-kissed beach, sipping a blumfruit cooler, and watching the waves roll in. Make this dream a reality and spend a spell on Spira, in the Lytton Sector. Sporting over 4500 luxury hotels, there’s never shortage of room to plan your perfect getaway. Why not stay at the galaxy-famous Aspre Plunge Resort on Ataria Island? Plummeting 100 meters down into an underwater trench, the Aspre boasts dining and dance halls, various spas and clubs, and a number of shopping centers that cater to every taste. Stop by the fully-functional casino and try your hand at the Spatz table, or play a round of high-stakes Sabacc. For your viewing pleasure, the transparisteel windows that line the hotel offer panoramic vistas at all levels of the structure. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, rent a minisub and explore the Shinkai Abyss—the deepest of Spira’s many ocean trenches. Maybe you’ll be the lucky one to find the next big forgotten shipwreck; they’re just waiting to be discovered by explorers like you! Rooms sell like flatcakes, so book today!

4) Felucia

Press those khakis and dig the pith helmet out of the closet, because safari getaways are all the rage. Situated on the Outer Rim, Felucia is part of the busy Perlemian Trade Route. Join a group of equally-intrepid adventurers on a planned trek through the dense jungles. Mount a tee-muss and uncover the myriad of secrets that lie hidden in the underbrush. Keep an eye out for the benevolent gelagrubs, or pick some nysillin to take home as a souvenir. The friendly locals are always excited to see new faces! Visit the only place in the galaxy where roughing it isn’t so rough after all.

5) Naboo

Maybe you’d prefer a quiet weekend away from the hustle and bustle. Naboo, found in the Chommell Sector of the Mid Rim, is the place for you. Lush hills and expansive plains hide within them the coveted Lake Country. Famed for its natural beauty, Lake Country boasts bucolic meadows, surrounded by cascading waterfalls and carpeted with wild flowers. Take a swim in Lake Paonga and visit the submerged Gungan capital of Otoh Gunga, a city made entirely of luminescent bubble-like structures. While you’re there, try the infamous Otoh Gunga specialty: a dessert so potent, it is said to take at least four hominids to consume. Hope you have a sweet tooth! With amenities this perfect, you’ll never want to leave!

So the next time you’re itching for something new; the next time you think “I sure could use a break;” the next time you’re looking for a transport going anywhere: drop us a com at 1-327-GET-LOST. We’re Lucas-Williams, Inc., and it’s our job to help you forget about your job.

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