Fashion for the Heat

Fashion for the Heat

One of the things I miss most about home is my air conditioner. Last week’s heat wave caused me to change clothes incessantly throughout the day, not to mention that the humidity does not make for a good hair day. I was so tired of the humidity that I’m now immensely appreciating the sweater weather. I no longer just want a slight breeze outside; I want the snow. Since my two fans were clearly insufficient for dealing with the heat, I decided to lay out the only clothes suitable for the weather, should it return unexpectedly.

Loose clothing is my always my primary choice when faced with the heat. Jeans, fitted dresses, tight shirts, and anything restrictive are all out of the question. Honestly, I can’t even wear shorts without feeling uncomfortable. Lately, I’ve gravitated toward flowy crop tops that you can generally find at Top Shop or Forever 21. Loose skater dresses are also an option; they are meant for movement, so I immediately associate them with the perfect windy day clothing.

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I’m conflicted about maxi dresses. They aren’t typically tight, but they do cover your whole body. Where is the breeze supposed to come through? Maxi dresses just absorb your own heat! I can understand is maxi skirts, but only if they have…

…cut-outs! These are life savers and are insanely cute. I’ll make exceptions to my “no tight clothes in heat” rule with pieces that feature cut-outs. I just bought an unusual black tank top with a heart-shaped cut-out on the back. It literally saved my life and my studies when I was lying in my sauna of a room, feeling like a vegetable too hot to do the insane amount of homework I had.


When looking for hot-weather clothing, knowing which fabrics breathe is essential. Stay away from the polyester—wearing clothing in this material evokes the same sweat response in hot weather as does going for a run. Instead, opt for linens and cottons. These fabrics actually accentuate the fact that you took a shower (unless you didn’t for months, which is another problem).

According to my male compatriots, basketball shorts are a go-to item in hot weather. They provide comfort and don’t require much effort. If you want a more refined hot-weather clothing selection, choose khaki shorts and pair them with shirts in loose cotton or linen. The men I interviewed also favored tank tops, attesting to their usefulness in keeping cool as well as for showing off their muscles.

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Let’s hope that we don’t experience another crazy heat wave for a while!

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