Winter Treats

Winter Treats

Let’s face it—even though the snow seemed novel when it first fell, I only want to avoid it now by huddling in my dorm room with a blanket and a comforting snack. During my hibernation in Main, I’ve been enjoying a variety of munchies while doing homework or catching up on Modern Family, and have come up with a list of my favorite easy winter treats to share among friends.


Everyone loves microwave popcorn, but for an added level of decadence, I like to throw a handful of dark chocolate chips into the bag right after it has popped. The chocolate chips melt onto the popcorn, creating a messy, yummy snack that boasts the perfect combination of sweet and salty to satisfy any cravings. Plus, dark chocolate contains high levels of antioxidants, which can energize you to tackle those demanding papers, while microwave popcorn imparts a buttery, cozy aroma to fill your room—just be sure to not to get chocolate or grease on your sheets! Chocolately popcorn provides a quick, easy, and delicious way to warm up your belly in cold weather.


Bengal Spice Tea and Stroopwafels

While tea may not seem like the most original warm-you-up snack, this particular tea deserves special attention. Whenever I enjoy tea in my student fellow Karina’s room, I always choose Bengal Spice, rife with flavors of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and cloves. Add to the tea a dash of almond milk and some truvia like Karina does and you’ve created a unique, absolutely mouthwatering beverage that warms you up from inside-out. Bengal Spice tea tastes great with cookies, especially stroopwafels. For those of you unfamiliar with stroopwafels, they are a Dutch treat of two thin wafer cookies sandwiched around a caramel-like syrup filling. If you place the stroopwafel on top of your steaming teacup, it will soften and melt in your mouth. A bite of cookie + a swig of tea = gastronomic heaven.

You can find Bengal Spice tea at most grocery stores and Stroopwafels at Trader Joe’s…or in Amsterdam.

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English Muffin and Cheese

I made this simple treat quite often back home but haven’t yet gotten the chance to enjoy it while at school. However, I imagine that it would be perfect on those occasions when you get a tad hungry, but not enough to journey to the Deece or Retreat. All you have to do for this fast snack is cut an English muffin in half, pile a generous amount of cheese on top, and pop it in the toaster oven or microwave (just don’t use a regular toaster or you could end up with a serious mess on your hands!). If you happen to have tomato sauce on hand, spread on a thin layer before adding the cheese for a classic English muffin pizza! This warm, gooey treat effectively sates the pre-dinner and late-night munchies, and serves as the perfect occasional indulgence in an otherwise healthy diet. Enjoy with friends while snuggling in bed for a convenient snack that far surpasses any vending machine fare.


I’ve provided you with only a few snack suggestions, but would encourage you to get creative! When crafting a between-meal treat, listen to your body and incorporate anything you may be craving. I often add random components to my snacks on a whim to satisfy my sweet- or salt-tooth. Just make sure your snacks make you happy!

Until next time, stay warm, cozy, and satiated.

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