Dorm Room Design

Dorm Room Design

Hello, lovelies! Therapy session time: Lately, the four bare white walls of my room have given me such a sad, homesick feeling. I think that now is a good time to decorate my room (I mean, it’s not like I already spent three weeks in it). I guess you all know what I’m doing this weekend—arts and crafts! All of these below DIY suggestions for decorating your room are easy, quick, and relatively cheap, so what are you waiting for? Go all-out DIY on your room!

Walls: There are numerous ways to fix up your dorm room’s drab white walls. Get your V-Print ready!

  1. Construction paper: I like to choose paper in a fun color like gold or silver, then cut the paper up into circles and fill the walls with polka dots of all different sizes. This past Monday, I wore my green polka dot backpack with my Tiffany blue polka dot pants and had to restrain myself from adding a polka dot shirt. Now, I can extend my obsession with polka dots to my room!


  1. Pictures: Though many students choose to hang pictures on their wall in the shape of a heart, I’ve never managed to get quite the right alignment with this decoration. Instead, I like to hang pictures along a string with small laundry clips. Get creative!

  2. Maps: Pick your favorite destination—your hometown, a place you’d like to visit, etc.—and either cut it into a desired shape or frame it. If you want a vintage feel, find an old, antiqued map.


Desk: Your workspace should strike the right balance between comforting and uncluttered.

  1. Mason jar with flowers: Glue a nicely colored/patterned piece of paper around the jar to personalize it, then head to the bookstore or supermarket for your favorite flowers. I love roses, so when I see them on my desk, I get an immediate burst of happiness.


  1. More pictures: I have three framed photos on my desk of my three favorite people. Looking at them always motivates and inspires me.

  2. Binder clips: All of those pesky USB cords flying around and getting tangled is so annoying. To organize them, clip a line of binder clips along the rim of your desk and attach the ends of the USB cords to the small holes of the clips.


Stay tuned for more useful dorm decoration tips to make your room the best one on the floor!

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