Princess in Waiting: Kate Middleton’s Style

Princess in Waiting: Kate Middleton’s Style

Perfect hair, perfect makeup, perfect clothes—and have I mentioned that she’s also a princess? Kate Middleton has got it all, which justifies why I’ve been mimicking her fashion style this past week. I love trying out new looks each week by imitating my favorite celebrities, and this week I chose Kate Middleton. I like her style so much that I’m considering sporting it for another week (tough decisions). Here’s how I’ve been mimicking Kate’s style this past week:

  1. Makeup. Kate is committed to the silver-hued smoky eye. Beginning at the tip of the eyelid, I brushed a lilac/silver color all over. For the corner of the eyelid, I picked a silver/gray shade and covered the corner “v” with it. Finally, I picked a very dark gray and brushed it over the crease. After finishing with the shadow, I moved on to the eyeliner, painting a black strip beneath the waterline. In order to prevent having an obvious line, I lightly smudged and blended the black liner. To finish off the smoky eye, I lined the upper eyelid by following my lash line. This was solely to enhance the color of my lashes by making them pop out more. To complete Kate’s makeup style, I generously applied blush, careful to blend the color enough so as not to look like a clown.

image09 image10 image11

  1. Clothes: What I like most about Kate’s style is that she can pull off the casual look while still looking like a princess. I typically see Kate wearing collared shirts, whether it is Oxford button-downs or the Ralph Lauren collard tees. She tends to pair these shirts with skinny jeans of many colors: royal blue, coral, navy, or the usual denim. With regards to shoes, she loves her nude pumps and navy wedges.

image12 image13 image14

  1. Hair: Girls, take a page out of Kate’s book and blow-dry your hair! This works wonders by adding volume and instant shine. Kate Middleton is never seen without blow-dried hair. To recreate Kate’s wavy flow with my pin-straight hair, I curl the tips of my hair.

image15 image16 image17

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