Trendy Mondays

Trendy Mondays

Here are some of my favorite style must-haves that are exploding throughout the world of fashion…and my closet.

  1. Ribbon Hair Ties: Finally a way to make a ponytail fashionable! These ties are hair-friendly, leaving no creases or tightness. There are so many patterns and bright colors available that the choices for ribbon hair ties are endless. From Amazon, I bought twenty hair ties in various colors for less then $10 (anywhere else, only five hair ties costs about $12). You can also make ribbon hair ties yourself, but that’s a whole nother arts & crafts undertaking that I am not prepared to embark upon.

Under Ribbon Hair Ties

  1. Foundation Sponges: I have had such a problem lately with putting my foundation on my face properly. I always end up with a line on the sides of my face marking where my makeup ends. This problem is finally gone thanks to foundation sponges that blend the cream into your skin, making it almost impossible to figure out where your makeup ends. Now I can finally get away with saying that I went au naturel today.

Under Foundation Sponges

  1. Leather Backpacks: I have yet to find an affordably priced for leather backpack; the new Lucky magazine had a whole page dedicated to leather backpacks ranging from $71 to $1,625. If you can get your hands on a leather backpack that won’t break the bank, you’ll certainly be keeping up with the latest trends (and you should also tell me where you found it!).

leather backpacks2

  1. Purple Lipstick: It sounds really weird, but it looks so elegant. I recommend the Maybelline Color Sensational Lipcolor in Blissful Berry; just be careful to avoid the awkward lipstick-on-your-teeth situation!

Stay tuned for the next edition of Trendy Mondays for more info on what is popular  in the style world.

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