The Perfect Fall Outfit

The Perfect Fall Outfit

I’m not a big fan of fall, mainly because the transition from extreme heat to bone-shakingly cold weather comes as a bit of a shock to me. I can never find a happy medium in my clothing that keeps me warm enough to face the blustery autumn days, while at the same time cool enough to face random heat waves. Join me in the journey to find the perfect fall outfit.

I typically wear what I’m most excited about—which means what I recently bought. Though I bought the following piece of clothing over the summer, I haven’t worn it, anxiously waiting for the proper weather to do so. It’s a navy winter jacket with a bear-coat jacket inside (you can see that I couldn’t really sport this item during the summer). I have been wearing this jacket often over this past week, and one of the responses I got was, “Are you ready to fight polar bears?” I guess it’s kind of weird that I’m wearing a winter jacket when winter thankfully hasn’t come yet, but hey, let’s just say I’m sensitive to temperature.

Underneath this attention-grabbing jacket, I wear my Gap skinny jeggings. (Side note: I usually have no tolerance for jeggings, but these are not your ordinary jean-legging hybrid. They actually look and feel like regular pants, which brings me to question why they are even called jeggings in the first place.) For my under-jacket layer, I wear a JCrew embroidered top or a classic Oxford shirt.

On to shoes. I’m too lazy to find matching socks (or socks in general since they are on the top shelf of my closet and I have to stand on a chair to reach them but I definitely don’t want to do this in the morning), so I resort to flats. When I am feeling a tiny bit diligent, I reach for the socks and put on my brown boots.

To complete the outfit, I wear my satchel bag. Satchels are usually quite expensive, totaling $200 for a poor quality one. TopShop, however, offers well-made satchels for reasonable prices and allows students a discount.

All in all, this is my favorite fall outfit so far. Knowing me, though, I will probably find another one by next week. Let me know some of your favorite fall outfits!

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