Hunger Games Fashion: Catching Fire

Hunger Games Fashion: Catching Fire


I spent my Thursday night at the premiere of the new movie Catching Fire. It was so worth the bad seats, the lack of sleep that ensued, and the unconscious look that I had in class the next day. I didn’t too much enjoy the first movie, but the second transformed me into a huge fan. Everything in the sequel was way better than in the first film—the sceneries, the characters, the plot and, of course, the fashion.

Katniss’ Hair

First off, let’s talk about Katniss’ signature braid. She didn’t wear it much during the first half of the movie, but once the games started, the hair came back on. The braid is an extremely easy look to pull off, since it’s a simple slanted Dutch braid. All you need to do is curl your hair to create a messy look, then braid away. I’d recommend following an online video tutorial.

Now, this might be the lack of sleep talking, but I think that Katniss’ hair turned two shades darker from the first movie. If I’m right, I really liked how her hair corresponded to what was happening in the movie. As a winner from the first film, she is now treated as royalty, an image of the Capitol. Her new, darker hair accentuates her facial features and gives off an air of high class.

The Girl on Fire (HUGE SPOILER)

Cinna does it again—Katniss displays her beautiful, dark dress, surrounded by fire. While doing a pre-game interview, Katniss wears a wedding dress that symbolized her almost-marriage to Peeta. It’s a beautiful dress, if a little too fluffy…but then again, it is District One. All of a sudden, the wedding dress turns into a gray dress with feathered wings to represent a Mockingjay. The transformation is a clear statement slamming those in power.




I highly recommend everyone seeing Catching Fire even if you didn’t like the first movie in The Hunger Games series—especially for the fashion!

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