Break Plans & Comfy Clothing

Break Plans & Comfy Clothing

Unfortunately, everyone is now swamped with finals, papers, projects. But remember, our much-needed vacation is coming soon! I know it seems so far away, but it’s coming in only two weeks. Also remember that the holidays are coming, which means that it’s time to start thinking about gifts for your friends and family.

Here is a “to-do” list of what I will be (and everyone else should be) doing during winter break:

  1. Sleep. This is something that I will be doing a lot for at least the first two weeks. No one back at home will recognize me when I first arrive, since right now I look like I should be part of the cast of “The Walking Dead” thanks to my lack of sleep.

  2. More sleep. I just need to sleep so badly.

  3. Get new clothes. First on my shopping list are sweaters—it is sweater weather, after all. Maybe those, coupled with a new pair of boots, will help me get out of my warm bed and face the cold in order to get to class.

  4. Get a haircut. When it comes to my hair, I have some serious trust issues. I have had too many bad experiences with hair salons. Every time I have an exciting idea for an amazing new hairdo that will change my entire look and make everyone love me, it fails. Hopefully this time my plan will prevail, and everyone around me will feel green with envy.

  5. Watch movies. I am going to watch so many movies—even the movies that I hate, just because I can, just because I have all the time in the world.

While these will be great activities for break, right now all I am occupied with is finishing up all of my finals. This singular focus has almost threatened my fashion choices, and I have even had moments during which I just want to put on the first item of clothing that I spot in my wardrobe. Those moments quickly fade, however (and thank goodness). Remember that you can still look amazing by wearing only comfortable attire. Get some black leggings (make sure they’re not see-through) and match them with a long sweater or loose shirt. Better yet, spend your upcoming days locked inside your room studying; that way, you won’t have to worry at all about your clothing!

I hope that everyone has a fantastic vacation, filled with lots of sleep and fun.

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