Office- and Interview-Friendly Fashion

Office- and Interview-Friendly Fashion

Welcome to the second semester, everyone! I’ve decided to dedicate this post to what I recently had to figure out: what to wear in front of prospective/current bosses. This is never an easy decision, considering that you’re trying to dress to impress. I mean, let’s face it, people do judge you by the outfit you are wearing (what else are those up-and-down eye movements for?).

The clothes you should wear in a professional setting depend on the specific atmosphere of a job. For example:

In finance/business related fields, the attire is very proper. Blazers, clean-cut dresses, and buttoned shirts should play major roles in your office outfits. Leave out the skull shirts, the chipped nails, and the party makeup. It’s important to show (or at least pretend) that you are mature enough to handle a professional environment, that you’re ready to work. Now, I’m not saying that you must dress up as someone you’re not; you can still add pieces that are true to yourself. Add the funky red marine coat that you bought on a whim. Or bring those Kate Spade nude heels just because they make you feel happy. Find ways to include your “lucky” pieces into your office outfits!

For jobs that requires a uniform, well, you’re kind of stuck. There’s nothing you can do, so move on. Just kidding! Exactly as I said before, find ways to include pieces that replicate your true style. Add the bandana to your hair or whip out that bag you love so much. Stack your wrists with bracelets. Look for anything that you can include in your outfit without breaking the dress code.

Finding blazers is a little difficult, but I recommend checking JCrew (which offers an in-store 15% student discount if you show them your student ID), Banana Republic, or even Gap. I don’t think you’d have a problem finding them in decent prices, especially at JCrew since they always have some kind of sale.

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Good luck with job hunts; may the odds be ever in your favor!

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