Tips for the Fashion Bold

Tips for the Fashion Bold

I sometimes—more like all the time—find myself wanting to try something new. It’s usually a new hairstyle that I want to try, which isn’t always a good thing. Recently, I have been trying out floral patterns. I know, I am pretty late in the game but because florals and summer go together, I decided to try it. By the way, aren’t you excited and relieved that warm weather is finally coming?!

So, back to what I was saying: over the years of exploring the many trends, I found things that worked…and things that failed 100%. Here are my tips for the trade:

1. Donut buns. Just looking at it, they remind me of something that belongs in the drain. Why would you put that in your hair? It makes your bun look oddly perfect or, better yet, it looks like you are wearing a bagel on the top of your head. Take my advice, and stick to messy buns.                                                                            

2. Wedge sneakers. Okay, when they were popular, I wanted to get them, but I am so glad I didn’t. I should have done my research when I wanted them, because I didn’t know that once you put them on, it looks like you are going skiing or snowboarding. With this one, stick to regular wedges; sneakers don’t need to be included.


3. Cat eyeliner. This trend will never go out of style. It looks sophisticated and I love how the increase of thickness changes the way your eye looks. To give your liner a more dramatic look, I suggest taking a black liner and tracing it between your eyelashes.


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